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"Becoming a Life Coach: How and Why I Took the Leap"

For almost 25 years I worked as a nurse. I loved my job. It was fulfilling and rewarding to me to be able to help people. After 2020 everything got harder. It became more stressful and less rewarding, so I changed careers to more of a administrative roll. While I love my job, the helping people aspect was missing.

My mental health was suffering and my chronic migraines were debilitating. I was struggling with purpose and having by none I lost joy, hope and motivation. When my mind was consumed with negative thoughts and wanting me to take negative actions, I'd had enough, so I started to do the work.

I met with my therapist. I prioritized my physical health. I made myself get out of bed, out of my pjs and start walking toward the life I wanted. All while ripping off the covers and taking a hard look at myself and seeing what needed to be fixed.

It was about this time I came across the Jay Shetty Certification School. I had already read his books and followed him on social media and had seen the posts about his school; but this time it hit differently. It spoke to me, It resonated with me. So I signed up.

And it changed me even more. I'm so grateful for the program. That I invested in myself. That I decided that no one was going to come save me and if I wanted a different life I had to work for it. And I did. I worked hard and still am. Jay's program gave me the tools to not only help other people, but help myself. It has improved my relationships with my loved ones and gave me a sense of purpose I had lost.

To help people live their best life.

To sign up for a coaching session

To learn more about the Jay Shetty Certification School

Please note: I am a Jay Shetty Ambassador and will receive compensation for any sales made through my link.


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