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Jessica Zalewski

Jessica Zalewski: Certified Life Coach

Welcome to Life Best Lived Coaching, where your journey towards personal transformation begins. As a certified life coach, I specialize in guiding individuals through life-changing experiences with empathy and expertise. My background in nursing has ingrained a deep understanding of the human spirit, empowering me to offer unique insights in mindset coaching.

My approach is personalized, focusing on your unique path and goals. I believe in creating a non-judgmental space where thought-provoking questions lead to meaningful self-discovery. My commitment to continuous learning and self improvement reflects in my coaching style, ensuring that each session brings you closer to the life you aspire to live.

Embark on a transformative journey with a coach who's dedicated to your growth and well-being. Let's unlock your full potential and craft a life that's not just lived, but lived at its best.

Online Life Coaching

As a mindset coach, I work with clients online who are motivated to make changes in their life. Everyone has blocks, whether they are aware of these blocks or not, that may interfere with their life vision and life goals. I help my clients break through mental, emotional, physical, and creative blocks with my experience as a nurse and as a life coach. I’m passionate about people who want to make a change in their life for the better and stop letting blocks dictate their life. It’s time for you to live your best life, despite the obstacles you have encountered. With support, you can achieve your goals and construct a vision for the beautiful life you have ahead of you.


You have everything inside of you to make progress and change. In our life coaching sessions, I’ll ask tough questions to develop your mindset and help you uncover your personal blocks. Together, we will dust off your emotional and mental toolboxes and create new ones to help you navigate your life journey. I’m passionate about helping you discover what you truly want in life so you can live the best version of you.





Jay Shetty Certification School

Currently working on accreditation from internationally recognized Association For Coaching

Graduated from Jay Shetty School as a life coach.


Registered Nurse State of Wisconsin

Operating Room nurse for 25 years.

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